Action Cards

When can I use action cards?

Action cards can only be used during MONEY and MOVE or BUY and BARTER. However, there are a few action cards that can be played during COOK and COUNTER. These action cards still count toward the “1 action card per day” limit. In other words, if you already played an action card during MONEY and MOVE or BUY and BARTER, you cannot play another card during COOK and COUNTER. 5-Star Review can be played during COOK and COUNTER. Go Vegan can be played during COOK and COUNTER. Shopping Spree can be played immediately after BUY and BARTER ends.

Do action cards stop the timer?

Yes, when someone plays an action card, the Head Chef must pause the timer so that the player can read the action card and perform the action. Afterwards, the Head Chef resumes the timer.

When can I buy action cards?

You can only buy action cards during BUY and BARTER. Remember, you must be at The Island in order to buy action cards.

Do I have to be at The Island to buy action cards?

Yes (Unless a Chef Power, Restaurant Power or Action Card allows otherwise)

How many action cards can I buy per day?

You can buy as many action cards as you like.

How many action cards can I have at once?

You can have as many action cards as you want, but you can still only use one per day. There used to be a 5 card limit but not anymore.

How many action cards can I use at once?

You can only use 1 action card per day (Unless a Chef Power, Restaurant Power or Action Card allows otherwise)

Can I give an action card to another player?

Yes, but only during BUY and BARTER since it would be categorized as a “trade.”

Can I only use an action card once?

Yes, action cards are one-time use only. Once an action card is used, it should be placed face up in a discard pile somewhere to the side.

Can I use an action card right after I buy it?

Yes, action cards may be used immediately.

Do action cards override chef powers?

Yes, action cards can be used to override chef powers.

Can I play 5-Star Review during COOK and COUNTER?

Yes. This is one of the only action cards that can be played during COOK and COUNTER.

Do I have to cook the recipe I played 5-Star Review on immediately in order to get the extra point?

No. You can wait until a future day to cook the recipe and gain the extra point.

Is 5-Star Review an automatic +1 point?

No. You must cook the recipe that you attached the 5-Star Review to after you played it.

Does Alien Attack apply to the player who originally played it?

Yes. If the player who used Alien Attack owns Alien, (s)he must draw 2 garbage for each Alien Goo (s)he has.

Regarding Armed Robbery, what does “rounded down” mean?

If you played Armed Robbery on someone who has $700, you get to take $300.

Does Clam-Voyance count toward the “1 action card per day” limit?

No, Clam-Voyance never counts toward the 1 action card per day limit.

If someone uses an action card that affects everyone (e.g. Contamination), but I use Clam-Voyance, does that block the Contamination for everyone or just me?

In that case, Clam-Voyance would only protect the person who played it.

Can I play my Clam-Voyance to protect someone else who is being attacked?

No. Clam-Voyance can only be used to protect yourself. Note: Trades are not premitted while an action card is being resolved as the timer is paused, and play stops until the action card(s) is resolved.

When I play Contamination, can I force all chefs to take 1 garbage?


When I play Contamination, can I choose which ingredient each player should discard?

No, the affected player gets to choose which ingredient to discard.

For Dinner and a Show (Kickstarter Exclusive), do I get $200 every time someone smiles?

No, you can only collect $200 once per chef.

Can the person who played Dinner and a Show (Kickstarter Exclusive) smile and collect $200?

No, Dinner and a Show only applies to the other players.

When I play Discount, does the half off apply to my total or to each item I buy?

The half off applies to each item you buy. For example, if you’re at The Island and you buy 2 action cards, you would pay $400 because each action card would be $200. Each action card would be $200 because half of $300 (the original price) is $150 and $150 rounds up to $200.

Does Discount apply to garbage?

No. The minimum price for any discount item is $100 so there would be no discount on garbage or any ingredient that costs $100 (e.g. Carb-Tastic, “Fruit” Stand, Vegetable Land).

When I use Fridge Raid, can I look through the ingredients in the shelf before picking 2 of them?

Yes, you can look through the ingredients and choose the 2 that you want to keep.

When I use Fridge Raid, if I don’t see the ingredients I want in the shelf deck, can I draw them from the discard pile?

No, you can only pick from the ingredients that are currently in the shelf deck.

Can I play Go Vegan during COOK and COUNTER?

Yes, Go Vegan can be played during COOK and COUNTER.

How does Go Vegan work?

If your recipe calls for a Chop Shop ingredient (e.g. Beef or Fish), you can substitute it with any “Fruit” Stand or Vegetable Land ingredient. However, you must be able to cook your recipe that day. You can use this substitution multiple times per recipe as long as it’s on the same day.

What does being “closed” mean on It’s Just Business?

“Closed” restaurants basically can’t cook until the following day. Players with closed restaurants can still do everything else (i.e. buy, trade).

How does Monopoly work?

The person who plays Monopoly calls out 1 ingredient (e.g. “Noodles” or “Eggs”). Anyone who has that ingredient must give that ingredient to the person who played it. If you have more than 1 of that ingredient, you must give all of them to the player.

If someone uses Negative Critic on me and causes me to lose my restaurant bonus (e.g. I was at 3 points but after Negative Critic I went down to 2 points), does that mean I get my restaurant bonus again when I reach or pass 3 points?


Can I use Negative Critic on myself?


Can I use Raiders of the Lost Pork to steal a Mystery Mart ingredient like Alien Goo?


How do you get rid of Rat Infestation?

The other players must collectively pay $500 to get rid of Rat Infestation. (Players can place $ directly on top of the card). As long as a total of $500 is paid (it doesn’t matter by whom), then the Rat Infestation disappears. However, Rat Infestation can’t be removed the same day that it’s played.

Can I use Road Block on all other chefs?


How does Shopping Spree work?

You can play Shopping Spree either during BUY and BARTER or immediately afterwards (but before COOK and COUNTER begins). All other chefs return to their restaurants before your Shopping Spree begins (i.e. Chef powers do not affect you). You cannot trade with others during your Shopping Spree. Also, you cannot buy things from The Island or sell Chocolate.

Can I use Special Order to take an ingredient that is being fought over in a bidding war?

Yes. You can use Special Order to take an ingredient from any counter so long as it has not already been purchased.

If I use Taxes but someone doesn’t have enough money, what happens?

If they only have $100, take the $100. If they don’t have any money, you get nothing from that person.


Can I switch my recipe for a new one if I don’t like it?

No. However, you may trade your recipe with another player if you’d like. Keep in mind that you can only trade a Basic Recipe for another Basic Recipe and a Gourmet Recipe for another Gourmet Recipe.

Can I have two Basic Recipes or two Gourmet Recipes instead of one of each?

No. Each player must always have 1 Basic Recipe and 1 Gourmet Recipe at all times. Players can trade Basic Recipes with each other, and likewise with Gourmet Recipes, but they may not trade a Basic Recipe for a Gourmet Recipe.

If Tofu is a required ingredient in my recipe, do I still get the 1 garbage discount when I cook?

No. The 1 garbage discount only applies when you use Tofu to replace a Chop Shop ingredient that’s listed in your recipe. E.g. If your recipe calls for Poultry but you use Tofu instead, then you get a 1 garbage discount.

Can I cook more than one recipe per turn?

Yes, but only if you own the Double Cooktop upgrade. You can purchase a Double Cooktop upgrade at The Island, but only during BUY and BARTER. When you cook both your Basic and Gourmet Recipes simultaneously, you do not receive the points or the garbage until after both recipes have been cooked.

If I forgot to give myself +1 for a cuisine bonus for a recipe I cooked earlier, can I give myself the point later?

Generally speaking, points must be recorded on the day that they were earned. (But as in most cases, it just depends on what you decide to do as a group.)


Is there a time limit to MONEY and MOVE?

Technically speaking, no. But the recommended time for MONEY and MOVE is 1 minute.

What happens when there aren’t enough ingredients on the shelf to restock the counters?

If a shelf runs out of ingredients during BUY and BARTER, you cannot replenish the market using the discarded ingredients until COOK and COUNTER. If the shelf is running low on ingredients during BUY and BARTER, do not replenish the shelf with discarded ingredients until you actually run out of shelf ingredients, and even then, only replenish the shelf during COOK and COUNTER.

Do I have to land on a level-up bonus to be able to use its power?

No. You get the level-up bonus for either reaching or passing each bonus.

What if I pass or reach more than one level-up bonus on one day?

In that case you would get your level up bonuses simultaneously. For example, if you had 2 points originally, but then cook a Gourmet Recipe worth 6 points, you would get your restaurant’s Rising Dough (3 point) bonus and the Hot Sauce (7 point) bonus.

What can I trade?

You can trade the following: money, ingredients, action cards, garbage, recipes, upgrades, and favors. You can also give something (e.g. money, an ingredient, etc.) to another player, even if you don’t receive something in return.

Can I buy more than 1 ingredient per day?

Yes, you can buy as much as you can afford, but only from the location that you are in. In other words, if you are the Chop Shop, you can buy as much as you want but only from the Chop Shop.

Can I buy from both the counter and the shelf?


Can I buy more than 1 ingredient from the shelf?

Yes, you can buy as many shelf ingredients as you can afford.

Can I look at a shelf ingredient before deciding whether or not I want to buy it?

No, when you buy a shelf ingredient, you are essentially buying it without knowing what it is.

Can I give someone money to buy something for me from a different location?

Yes. For example, if you are at the Dairy King but you need an ingredient from the Vegetable Land, you can give your money to someone who is there to buy it for you. This person can (but does not have to) charge you a premium for buying it for you.

Can I return an ingredient if I don’t want it anymore?

No, you cannot discard or return an ingredient you are not using. You must either keep it, use it, or give it away to another player.

What if 2 or more people want the same ingredient?

If 2 or more people want the same ingredient, a bidding war is triggered.

How do bidding wars work?

In a bidding war, players state how much they’d be willing to pay for the ingredient in question. Whoever bids the highest must immediately purchase that ingredient for the price that (s)he bid. If there is no highest bid (i.e. no one is willing to bid a higher amount than everyone else), then no one gets the ingredient. Also, bidding wars take place during BUY and BARTER, so it’s best to resolve bidding wars as quickly as possible so that players can resume buying and trading with everyone else. Players involved in a bidding war are allowed to receive money from other players since it’s occurring during BUY and BARTER. Players are allowed to drop out of a bidding war at any time. However, if your bid was the highest bid, then you must buy the ingredient for the price that you bid.

What happens if there is a tie?

If more than 1 chef reaches 20 or more 👍 on the same day, whoever has more 👍 wins. If there’s a tie, then whoever cooked more Gourmet Recipes wins. If there’s still a tie, whoever has more money wins. (In the unlikely event that there is still a tie, have the other chefs vote for the winner … or you can arm-wrestle, play tic-tac-toe, or better yet, have an actual cook-off!)

Chef Powers

Do Chef Powers work at the Mystery Mart?

No. Chef Powers do not work at the Mystery Mart with the exception of one chef: Kim Chi. When Kim is at the Mystery Mart, she can use her power to switch locations with another chef, assuming she has not already used her power that day and did not use her power on that chef the previous day. However, Kim Chi's power cannot be used against chefs at the Mystery Mart.

Do Chef Powers work at The Island?

Generally, no.

Can you use your Chef Power more than once per day?

In general, no. However, the following chefs can use their powers more than once per day: Biff Brobeque “Bro-Tein Style” Gardena Eden Phyllis Grubman (only her cooking power--not her “free shelf ingredient” power)

If you get kicked out of a market by Angus Khan, can you go wherever you want?

Yes. However, chef powers still apply (both yours and whichever chefs are at your new location).

Does Antoine Baguette’s power affect himself?

No. Antoine’s power only applies to other chefs who are at the same location as him.

If Antoine Baguette is at The Island, does that mean I have to pay $200 for each garbage I throw away?

Yes, when Antoine is at The Island, each piece of garbage costs $200 to throw away.

Does Antoine Baguette’s power apply to bidding wars?

Yes. If Antoine is at a market where a bidding war is taking place, whoever places the winning bid must pay $100 on top of whatever the highest bid was. This applies even if Antoine was not involved in the bidding war.

Can Biff Brobeque use his Chef Power (using any Chop Shop ingredient in place of any Vegetable Land ingredient) more than once per day?


If Biff Brobequeuses a Chop Shop ingredient in place of a Vegetable Land ingredient, does that count toward his “2 meat” $200 bonus?


Can Gardena Eden use her Chef Power (using any 2 Vegetable Land ingredients in place of any Chop Shop ingredient) more than once per day?

Yes, and each time she does this, she can force a chef to discard a Chop Shop ingredient of her choice as long as they’re not using that ingredient to cook that day.

What ingredient is General Stroganov allowed to take using his chef power (Share with Me, Comrade)?

General Stroganov can take any non-Mystery Mart ingredient that is not physically listed in the other chef’s recipes. For example, if Biff is using Beef instead of Leafy Greens for his Caesar’s Salad recipe, Stroganov can take the Beef since it’s technically not “listed” as a required ingredient in Caesar’s Salad.

Can Gohan Sushido use his power to buy counter ingredients?

No, his power only applies to the shelf ingredients (the deck of facedown ingredients on the left side of each market).

Can Kim Chi use her power to switch places with someone at The Island?


Can Kim Chi use her power at the Mystery Mart?

Yes. If Kim is at the Mystery Mart, she can use her power to switch locations with another chef who is not at the Mystery Mart. However, if Kim is not at the Mystery Mart, she cannot use her power to switch locations with someone who is at the Mystery Mart.

Can Kim Chi use her power during BUY and BARTER?


When can Kim Chi use her power?

Kim can use her power once all players reveal their movement wheels and show where they’re going to go.

If Lovehandles McFatterson is at a market, are the other chefs at that market allowed to buy ingredients from the shelf?



Do I have to buy the upgrades in order?

No, there is no order to buying the upgrades.

Can I buy an upgrade for someone else?

Yes but you must immediately trade/give it to them upon purchasing it. Chefs may never have more than one of the same upgrade. (E.g. You can’t have two Social Media Advertising upgrades).

Can I buy more than one of the same upgrade?

No, Chefs may never have more than one of the same upgrade.

Can I give my upgrade to someone else?

Yes, but only during BUY and BARTER.


If I have garbage in my restaurant when I cook and I receive the garbage penalty, does the garbage stay in my restaurant?

Yes, the garbage stays in your restaurant.

Can I give garbage to someone else?

Yes, giving garbage to another player (assuming they are willing to receive it) constitutes as a “trade.” However, this can only be done during BUY and BARTER (as with all other trades).

If I declare that I’m going to cook, but then I realize that I still have garbage in my restaurant, can I choose not to cook, even though I already said that I was going to?

Generally speaking, yes, you can choose not to cook. (However, it depends on how strict your game group decides to be.)

If my recipe is worth 2 popularity points, but I already had 3 garbage in my restaurant, and I try to cook my recipe, does that mean my recipe is worth -1 popularity points?

No, your recipe would be worth 0 points since that is the minimum value for any cooked recipe. I.e. You can never get negative points for cooking a recipe.

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